Cormorán VFX – Visual Effects Production from Galicia

Cormorán brings visual effects production to the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula. This project comes from the hand of Pablo Lamosa, with more than 10 years experience in the sector and working in Galicia and Madrid (such as Ficción Producciones, Telson, Deluxe or El Ranchito), decides to embark on his own path.

Cormoran VFX oficina

Focused on VFX Compositing, Cormorán does all types of digital integration and modification, using first-rate tools and procedures to achieve an optimal result.

We cover the complete realization of VFX in productions of any kind, with a very personalized treatment for each project, designing the necessary workflow from pre-production, through On-Set VFX Supervision, to the VFX coordination and their realization.


VFX Production

VFX Supervision

On-Set VFX Supervision

CGI Compositing

Chroma Key

Matte Painting

Clean Ups


Ang what about the naming, CORMORÁN,
where it comes from?

* Here just a hint *

Cormorán Bueu
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